DVO Topaz Air Shock


4.700,00 kr 3.900,00 kr

DVO Topaz Air shock 230 x 65 RS20

DVO bakdämpare är packat i en hård väska med inkluderande pump, spacers för positiv och negativ justering, klistermärke.


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The ultimate “do-it all” air shock. Providing amazing performance and adjustability in a simple and functional design.

Air volume is easily tunable via air volume spacers that can be removed or installed in a matter of minutes. Unmatched small bump compliance and damping is achieved from a bladder and loader style compression unit. Cooling fins on the reservoir allow heat to effectively dissipate from the shock keeping temperatures low and damping consistent. The T3 Compression adjust gives you three compression settings for pedaling, traversing, and descending.