WTB Cross Boss TCS 35x700c Light/Fast Rolling 60tpi – black

USAGE:  Gravel / Cyclocross
CONDITIONS:  Hardpack /Dirt / Gravel

WTB Cross Boss W010-0564
Bredd – 35
Storlek – 700C
Tema – TCS Light/Fast Rolling 60tpi Dual DNA tire – black
Punkteringsskydd – n/a
ETRTO – 32-622
Vikt – 400 gr

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The volume, speed and consistency of the Cross Boss keeps riders grinning for more turns. From gravel grinds to the cyclocross circuit, Cross Boss is here to bring it.


  • Tightly spaced center knobs minimize rolling resistance.
  • Stepped intermediate knobs and widely spaced outer knobs help clear muck.
  • Rounded, high-volume profile designed from the ground-up for tubeless usage.
  • Available with black or tan sidewalls.

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Vikt 0,4 kg

Black, Tanwall