WTB GRAVELIER sadel – Cromoly Medium

Syfte: E-bike, Adventure trail
Storlek: Medium – 140 x 246mm
Vikt: 246 gr
Konstruktion: Cromoly

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Improves blood flow and reduces numbness in sensitive areas when the hips are rotated forward in an efficient, forward-leaning pedaling position.

New base technology allows us to fine-tune the amount of fiber infused into the nylon of each specific saddle model to create a flex profile that balances comfort, support and durability to match the intended use of a saddle. The Gravelier’s unique base provides a supportive and responsive flex profile that optimizes power transfer under hard efforts while also absorbing vibrations transferred through the bike.

Thinner padding provides just enough foundational squish to provide support during hard efforts and often provide the most comfort for long rides. Saddles with thin padding rely on proper saddle fit and base flex to provide ultimate comfort.

Check out the underside of the Gravelier and you’ll find an integrated mount for tools and on-bike storage solutions. The integrated mount is compatible with saddle accessories made by existing brands, such as PRO.


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Cromoly, Steel, Titanium