WTB Judge 2.4 x 27,5″ TCS Tough/High Grip 60tpi TriTec E25 – black

USAGE:  Enduro / Gravity
CONDITIONS:  Dirt / Loose / Rocky / Wet

WTB Judge W010-0854
Bredd – 2,4
Storlek – 27,5″
Tema – TCS Tough/High Grip 60tpi TriTec E25 – black
ETRTO – 55-584
Vikt – 1281 gr

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Judge is our rowdiest rear-focused tire. Centerline knobs alternate between long and wide to provide the hard braking traction and efficiency required of a rear tire. Burly outer knobs provide support and dig in to keep you glued through off-camber corners. Judge features a flatter tire profile than most other tires, which makes it easier to reach the outer knobs when cornering. The Judge keeps everything in order, whether dry and loose or wet and sloppy.

riTec blends three distinct rubber compounds to provide different levels of traction, support and durability based on their placement within the tread. High durometer rubber provides a foundation for the entire tread pattern and even extends slightly into the base of each knob to provide additional support below the softer compounds used in the remainder of each knob. Center knobs feature a medium durometer compound to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while outer knobs feature the softest compound for maximum grip and slow rebound characteristics.

Two full layers of casing span bead-to-bead to ensure every surface of the tire is more resistance to punctures. Using two layers of casing also provides additional sidewall support while cornering and allows riders to experience increased traction by running lower pressures than would be possible with thinner, single-ply casings. TCS Tough tires are the sure bet for aggressive trail, enduro, gravity and e-bike riders who want ultimate peace of mind out on the trail. Some riders may choose to run a TCS Tough tire on the rear while opting for the weight-saving benefits of a single-ply TCS Light tire on the front.

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