WTB NANOAIR TPU TUBES 700, 32-47, 48mm

USAGE:  Road / Gravel / City

Däck – 32-47 mm
Storlek – 700c
Ventil – Presta 48 mm
Vikt – 49 gr

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Lighter, more compact, and more durable. Yep, you get all three.

WTB introduces the NanoAir TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) tube. It’s compact, and packs down to one third of the size of a traditional tube.
Just think of the extra things you can fit in your pack; a beverage, snacks, maybe even a snack for your friend that always forgets one, yea you know the one. It’s light.
Like we mean really light. 60% lighter that (cough cough) paperweight you have been lugging around.

“But it’s so light,” you say, “how is that better than my paperweight tube?”

Don’t worry, these TPU tubes are tough, with a special construction/layup of material these are more durable than traditional butyl tubes.
Having one of “those days,” and you ride through a patch of thorns and get another flat? Don’t worry, we added a few extra TPU patches to keep you rolling.