WTB Resolute TCS 42x650c Light/Fast Rolling 60tpi – Tanwall

USAGE:  Gravel / Cyclocross / Bikepacking

CONDITIONS:  Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel / Loose / Wet

WTB Resolute W010-0682
Bredd – 42
Storlek – 650c
Färg – Tanwall
Tema – TCS Light/Fast Rolling 60tpi Dual DNA tire
ETRTO – 42-584
Vikt – 440 gr

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Resolute 42 is the ultimate all-weather gravel tire for those who believe there is one perfect tread pattern for all your rides. Truly all-season in nature, we call this our set-it-and-forget-it tire that keeps on keepin’ on.


These tires are available with our all-new SG2 Puncture Protection, which is a lightweight nylon insert that provides bead-to-bead coverage and ensures every area of the tire is defended against slashes and punctures. As events become progressively rougher and cyclists pedal farther, gravel gets tougher. It only makes sense for gravel tires to become tougher as well.

  • Nylon fibers have a flat profile, which reduces the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers and minimizes weight.
  • Protected SG2 gravel tires feature a 120tpi casing, which improves suppleness compared to a traditional 60tpi tire.
  • SG2 was specifically designed to be a puncture protection layer, but it also improves air retention and eliminates seeping at the sidewall.


  • Widely spaced square knobs deliver consistent traction while shedding muck with ease.
  • Retro-esque tanwalls provide modern performance in a classic look.
  • Performs well in all conditions, no need to swap tires based on the weather.
  • Available in 650 or 700 sizes.

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